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EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell turns back to Sharon Watts after prison release

In the upcoming episode of EastEnders, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) will return to his ex-wife Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) as he settles back into Albert Square.

Last week, after having been made to believe he was dead, Phil’s appearance at Peggy’s pub surprised his loved ones. Didn’t they realize that killing Phil has approximately the same chance of happening as the man lying to the police? Oh, wait… Yes, despite having spent the previous few months categorically refusing to be her informant, Phil has now accepted a bargain from DCI Keeble (Alison Newman), which is the reason he isn’t still imprisoned.

But Phil began to realize that his days might actually be limited this time when he felt threatened by fellow prisoner Craig. Later, after Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) dumped him, he delivered Sharon notes for his family and himself, appearing resigned to his fate.

Then Sharon declared her love for him and begged him to persevere. Later, when she learned Phil had been slain, she was devastated to see him alive and healthy.


As Phil raises a toast to his late mother Peggy in scenes appearing on Monday, Kat, Sharon, and Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) all in disbelief (Dame Barbara Windsor). She is concerned that her brother would figure out what she is up to while Sam is busy scheming against him.

that he has returned.

Kat confesses that she was about to sign the pub over to Jonah, the adversary of Mitchell, but Phil isn’t having it because he’s now in charge.While Phil vows her to secrecy for her own safety, Kat quickly realizes that he has struck a bargain to get out of jail. Later, he is surprised to see that Kat has returned to her old house. He begs her to reconsider, but she maintains that they are done together for good.

Phil gets summoned away to a meeting with Keeble while Sharon tries to speak with him. She explains to Phil that she is in control and that he now has new responsibilities. After the recent events, Sharon visits Kat to see how she is doing. Knowing that Sharon is still in love with Phil, Kat shouts at her in a cold manner.

After her interaction with Kat, Sharon feels on edge and uneasy; yet, when Phil approaches her and inquires as to whether she meant what she said about still loving him, Sharon is at a loss for words. Will she express her feelings once more, opening the door to her and Phil getting back together?


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