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EastEnders spoilers: Janine’s revenge and will Stacey die?

Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) and Janine Butcher’s (Charlie Brooks) feud intensifies in EastEnders, as Linda is ecstatic about her new business venture, only for Janine to try to undermine it.

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), on the other hand, is doing her best to keep it together and brush off her injury from the confrontation with Jean (Gillian Wright).

But soon, all is less than well when she collapses…

Monday May 30



Jean’s concerns concerning her injury are dismissed by Stacey. When Stacey sees Jean’s worry, she hopes this is the beginning of Jean’s recovery, but when Kat sees Stacey’s wound, she wonders if Jean should be in the hospital.

Outside, Stacey runs across Kheerat, who notices something is wrong with her and tells her what Jean did to her. When Stacey collapses, Kheerat is shocked.

Linda is tempted to purchase a bottle of wine, but after hearing Rainie’s words, she reconsiders and instead focuses on preparing the Square’s Jubilee celebrations, much to Janine’s chagrin.

Mick is overjoyed to see Linda organising a planning meeting, and he lets slip that he has a special surprise in store for the day. Mick observes Karen walking out of the meeting and walks over to soothe her, realising it’s because Chantelle won’t be there. They agree to pay tribute to those they’ve lost.

Mick wants Kathy to throw a party for Tina. Linda is upbeat and wants to put her new money towards expanding The Vic’s business, but she is disappointed when Mick says he doesn’t trust her.

Denise informs Lola and Jada that she is selling the salon to Nathan, who had expressed interest previously. While a smug Sam gloats, Kim is heartbroken to learn the reason for having to sell it.

Linda overhears Kim and Denise discussing the need for an investor as she considers taking a drink…

Rainie slams Ben for cheating on Callum, but her thoughts return to Stuart and her assistance with Roland.

Bernie observes Rainie as she takes her family on a picnic, and when Sonia notices her, she offers some counsel. Rainie is taken aback when she learns how much Stuart is battling at home.

While Kathy expresses her concerns to Rocky about Ben, Callum and Lola grab a drink and discuss their own lives.

Tuesday May 31



Kheerat is concerned to learn that Stacey may be suffering from sepsis, and in order to save her life, she tells the doctor what transpired between her and Jean.

Martin comes, and he and Kheerat are relieved to find that they arrived in time and were able to stop the infection in Stacey. Kheerat asks if they may be together now that Stacey is recuperating, but their joy is short-lived as Stacey hears that a mental health nurse has gone to see Jean after Kheerat informed the doctor what happened.

Eve, Kat, and Lily go to the Slater’s to console Jean, who has locked herself in the bathroom, only for the nurse to arrive. Stacey runs home despite her illness.

Zack and Nancy continue to work on the restaurant’s plans, and Nancy, who is in charge of the décor, asks Zack to pick up the keys.

Zack tries to cheer Jada up after she loses her job, and the two bond over their childhoods. Nancy is outraged when she discovers Zack didn’t pick up the keys after bringing Jada on a vacation to London to see famous attractions.

Nancy’s attitude irritates Jada, so she tries to console Zack, but she gets the wrong end of the stick and moves in for a kiss.

Zack is humiliated, but tries not to show it because he doesn’t want to shame her. Later, when Sharon returns, Jada is stunned and wounded by Zack’s rejection, so he tells Sharon he kissed her.

Sonia continues to give Rocky the cold shoulder despite his efforts to assist with the Jubilee celebrations, which deflates Rocky.

As Mitch visits Rainie, Bernie informs her that she has begun the process of obtaining Roland’s official parental order, which makes Rainie nervous. Linda approaches Denise and Kim at Ruby’s and offers to invest in the salon.

Denise accepts after Kim and Denise ponder, and they are surprised when she gives £50k before the end of the day.

Wednesday June 1



Denise concerns Linda about her investment, but after speaking with her, both are convinced she is genuine, and Linda signs the contract, making her the salon’s co-owner. Sam is overjoyed when Jack and Denise break the news to him.

When Frankie and Nancy go to see the unit, they run into the owner, who tells them the letting has fallen through.

Nancy receives a call from Linda, who is celebrating her new investment with her family and Janine. The estate agents never received the money. Linda figures out what occurred quickly and confronts Janine, threatening to tell Nancy the truth.

A furious Sharon kicks out a confused Zack from the house.

Nancy expresses her displeasure with his engagement in the company and doubts his motives.

Martin tries to reason with Stacey, who is still enraged with Kheerat for betraying her confidence.

Suki tenses when she reads a letter, but she quickly forgets about it when Dotty and Vinny come and discuss Ash’s upcoming 30th birthday. Suki later seeks legal assistance from Eve.

Suki is shocked when Ash returns and they make amends.

Thursday June 2



Mick and Linda are preparing for their surprise visitors, Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, to arrive in Albert Square on this very memorable day.

The locals get involved in the Jubilee celebrations. Before the talent competition begins, Mick says a few words to Tina at The Prince Albert.

Kathy, on the other hand, is preoccupied as Ben plays on her mind and she discusses the problem with Jay. Meanwhile, Rocky is dissatisfied when his judges, including Sonia, fail to appear, and Kathy, knowing how sad he is, begs Sonia to come over.

Linda begs Denise for her money back, desperate to put things right. Sharon overhears Linda being forced to admit what has occurred, and she pushes her to tell Nancy the truth.

Disgusted at Janine’s behaviour, Sharon gets her own back.

Outside, guests can’t believe what they’re seeing as Mick and Linda greet their special guests… The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, respectively. Mick and Linda welcome Their Royal Highnesses to everyone and raise a glass to Her Majesty The Queen in total admiration.


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