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EastEnders spoilers reveal that Sharon Watts fires Zack Hudson after Jada accuses him of kissing her.

ZACK Hudson and his girlfriend Nancy Carter have been working on their new business, but their plans have been thrown out the window.

Sharon Watts becomes enraged as Jada Lennox accuses the EastEnders character of kissing her.



Zack Hudson (played by James Farrar) and his girlfriend Nancy Carter are in danger (Maddy Hill).

The couple has just been able to rebuild their relationship after overcoming obstacles, and they have chosen to open a restaurant together.

However, when troublemaker Jada Lennox (Kelsey Calladine-Smith) is thrown into the mix, their peace is jeopardised.



Coming up, Zack and Nancy continue to work on their restaurant ideas, and while she is in charge of the décor, she asks her partner to pick up the keys to their new business.

Meanwhile, Jada is depressed after losing her job at the salon, but Zack quickly cheers her up, and the two bond over their childhoods.

He plans to take her to London to see some famous landmarks in the hopes of cheering her up a little more – but he forgets to fulfil Nancy’s request.

When she discovers Zack didn’t pick up the keys, she becomes enraged, and Jada is unimpressed.

She tries to console Zack but pushes in for a kiss because she misreads the situation.



Zack, embarrassed, plays it down so as not to embarrass her, but the rejection costs him his home.

When his half-sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) arrives home, he discovers how badly Jada has been affected.



Sharon is informed by Jada that Zack kissed her, causing her to kick her brother out of the house.

This isn’t the first time Jada has caused a ruckus in Walford.

Jada drew the eye of Will Mitchell upon her arrival in the Square, and he was instantly taken with her.



However, to his mother Honey’s dismay, this led to him dabbling in underage drinking.

Will Sharon discover the truth and reintroduce Zack to her home?

Is Jada going to tell it how it is?

On BBC One, EastEnders airs Monday through Thursday.


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