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EastEnders theory: tragic Phil revenge twist sees Kat Slater killed on her wedding day

Kat Slater of EASTENDERS may come to regret her choice to wed Phil Mitchell as a new notion speculates what the couple will face now that the shady dealer is out of jail.

Prior to being detained and imprisoned, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was engaged to Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace). As they prepare for their impending nuptials, the couple will have the chance to experience a happy ending, according to brand-new official EastEnders spoiler images. Will the Slater family witness their wedding’s horrifying conclusion, though?

Fans of EastEnders will recall that Phil was given the option to avoid prison entirely by accepting a bargain and turning police informant.

While Kat was left in charge of the Mitchell enterprise in Walford, he refused and was imprisoned for months.


Kat was unaware of the bargain Phil was being offered, but the tough guy had told Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), who pleaded with him to rethink the offer.

When Phil received a very likely death threat, he decided to reconsider his opposition to the agreement.

The spoiler images now take us back to Walford, where we see Kat and Phil having a supper at Walford East.

Phil produces an engagement ring to demonstrate to his fiancée that he is serious about getting married.

They decide on a date, and he shares the significance of the jewelry.

But the spoiler concludes with the unsettling query, “Will their contentment last?”

These sequences are scheduled to air the next week, which could cause problems for the pair.

Phil was initially certain he wouldn’t cooperate with the authorities because of his concern for his safety.

He freely acknowledged that accepting any agreement would put his family in risk.

The shady dealer made an impressive entrance back into the square by breaking into Peggy’s.

News will quickly spread across the criminal underground.

If Phil’s friends learn he’s free, they’ll start to question why he was let go after serving such a lengthy sentence.

Will some of Phil’s shady business associates discover that he is collaborating with the police?

The Mitchell hard man admitted to Sharon that he agreed to spend the rest of his life in prison because he was so afraid for the safety of his children.

Phil’s agreement with the police might come to a head on his wedding day, in typical EastEnders manner.

One of Phil’s loved ones might be attacked by Jonah Tyler (Mark Mooney), or perhaps one of any number of Phil’s criminal acquaintances, in an effort to quiet him.

In subsequent episodes, Kat and Phil will continue to arrange their wedding, but tragedy could strike on the big day.

Will one of Phil’s associates kill Kat in order to prevent him from telling the police everything?



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