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Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer DROPS Gabby’s BABY and her SECRETS seep out

In Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale, angsty teen Amelia Spencer is in serious trouble (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Amelia Spencer agrees to watch Thomas at Home Farm for Gabby, but she really shouldn’t have.


The teen is experiencing frequent episodes of dizziness, isn’t feeling well at all, and isn’t capable of taking care of the Tate baby.

Amelia steals another prison visitation order Noah sends to Gabby while alone in the house with Thomas, making an effort to ignore how sick she is feeling.

But before long, Thomas-holding Amelia becomes very disoriented and passes out!

Copper Harriet is first on the scene and rushes Thomas to hospital while shaky Amelia cobbles together a cover story about what happened.

When Gabby arrives, panicking about her son, Amelia feels awful as the mum blames herself. But Amelia’s lie is exposed by Dawn’s little lad Lucas who witnessed the whole thing…

After that, Gabby and Kim start grilling Amelia with a series of irate questions.

Dan arrives and is terrified to see his daughter in the middle of a storm. He is further frightened when she admits to consuming weight gain syrup that she has been purchasing online.


Amelia agrees when her dad begs her to visit a doctor since she acknowledges that she has been feeling extremely woozy and unclear.


Has the suspect mixture caused significant harm? What is Amelia doing wrong?

The Woolpack is the location of Marlon and Rhona’s engagement celebration somewhere.

For the couple, but especially for Marlon, who enters the bar for the first time since his stroke in March, it’s a momentous occasion.

With the encouragement of his best friend Paddy, Marlon bravely walks forward to confess his love for Rhona, drawing loud applause from his loved ones.

But is Marlon really as happy as he seems to be?


Laurel, who is thrilled to kiss doctor Kit at the party, begins a romance, but Vanessa, who is inebriated, stumbles home to discover her ex, Suzy, waiting on her doorway.

In another scene, Ethan tells Charles, his father, that he has been messaging Naomi. The vicar dares to dream that his daughter, who was raised by adoptive parents, would one day forgive him due to the siblings’ communication.

Emmerdale is still airing on ITV on weeknights at 7.30 p.m.


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