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Emmerdale star Joanne Mitchell teases “scary” scenes in Sandra storyline

Joanne Mitchell, who plays Sandra in Emmerdale, has hinted at “scary” moments to come tonight evening as she returns to the Dales (July 8).

Liv Flaherty’s mother will return to the soap opera and is expected to raise questions after confessing that she owes Terry $4,000. Despite doubts about her ability to be trusted by Liv and Vinny, Liv chooses to assist her by allowing her stay and blocking Terry’s number.


Joanne spoke candidly about the events to Digital Spy and other media outlets, revealing that Sandra is happy that her daughter helps her out but is worried that Vinny would influence Liv to oppose her.

She responded, “Yes, I believe there will always be that because she is not a fool.” “She is constantly observing. She is observing their relationship because she has never seen Liv and Vinny cohabitating before. As a result, she spends a lot of time pretending to be them.

“She is therefore planning, scheming, and observing how people interact, and since anything could go wrong, she needs to maintain order, in my opinion.


“She has her main goal in mind, but it may all come apart at any time since Liv could tell her to leave at any time. I believe this is what happens throughout. Sandra, however, is smart and very persuasive.”

Sandra talked about the scenario where Terry shows up and demands the money and how Liv will see her mother’s predicament in this scene.

The actress continued, “He’s a large guy, he’s terrifying, and I think Liv feels quite protective of her mum because this is hazardous terrain.


“Who knows what he could do with the money she owes him? He’s a risky individual, and Sandra is aware of this. He has a component that he might change at any time. It is therefore quite risky throughout and might all go very wrong.”

Joanne continued, “Oh that was amazing actually, obviously I’ve been backwards and forwards a few times over the years, but I’ve never been back as Sandra.

But this time, it was a lot of fun because Izzy, who plays Liv, is a terrific actor and the part is fun to perform. Prior to this, Danny Miller, who played Aaron, and Izzy were pretty much the only people I worked with.


“So this time, it will be fantastic to extend and collaborate with additional cast members. Sandra’s character is just being given a few more layers as we get to know her more and follow her on her journey. It’s a terrific group of folks, so I think it’ll be really cooperate with


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