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Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick reveals Vanessa’s reaction to Suzy’s secrets

Michelle Hardwick, who plays Vanessa Woodfield in Emmerdale, has spoken candidly about how her character felt when she discovered Suzy Merton’s secrets.

Vanessa will find out in the upcoming episode that Suzy took drugs and unintentionally contributed to Holly Barton’s passing by providing her money, which she tragically used to purchase heroin.


Things start to surface at the Take A Vow exhibition at The HOP, where a slideshow inadvertently displays a picture of Holly taken on the day she passed away.

Vanessa is present because Suzy, the person giving the gift, is really deserving of her admiration, Michelle said. “She is helping out her girlfriend. Everything goes wrong as Holly’s photo flashes on the screen.

“Suzy is being questioned by Moira about why her daughter’s photo is displayed on the big screen. How did Suzy know Holly, and why didn’t she tell Moira? Moira queries. Vanessa is caught in the center of Moira’s and Vanessa’s demands for clarification.


“Vanessa doesn’t like falsehoods, but she hadn’t yet connected the dots due to the medicines at that point. She doesn’t comprehend Suzy’s decision to withhold it from her. She is trapped between Suzy and Moira.”

The actress then confides in Vanessa in private, acknowledging that it “just came from nowhere” and that Vanessa “is completely devastated and so astonished” about it.

You’re not the person I thought you were, she declares. Every day of our relationship has been a lie. Have you felt well lately? Has there been a comedown for you? My child has been with you. That worries me as a mother. For Vanessa, it’s devastating.


Suzy initially wants to escape the situation. Vanessa claims she no longer does drugs, but it’s too late and there are too many falsehoods. She senses that she no longer knows Suzy. The faith is lost.

Vanessa wants Suzy to be honest, Michelle acknowledges, because “the truth will always come out, especially in soap!” Vanessa encourages her to tell her the truth since all she needs to do is. She doesn’t feel as horrible if everyone knows,” she added.

As friends who have known one other for ten years, Vanessa also doesn’t want to lose her friendship with Moira. She probably wants Moira to realize that she made the correct decision. Suzy is urged by her to be honest.


It’s a tough question, she acknowledged, if the couple can continue together. I firmly feel that they are in love with one another. If Suzy is honest, perhaps there will be another chance—or maybe a third or fourth—I’ve lost track.I’d be sad if Martelle and her boyfriend split up because I adore working with her.


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