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Emmerdale theory: Jimmy King killed as Nicola’s attackers finally take revenge

Recently, Jimmy (played by Nick Miles) has been missing from the Emmerdale storyline at a crucial moment for his wife, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler). After being attacked by a bunch of young women, the mother of three began to have mental health issues, and she needed the help of Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) and Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy). But as Nicola takes charge of the situation in the ITV soap opera’s upcoming episodes, it appears that her husband might be connected to a scheme for retaliation.

As Nicola gets ready for Jimmy’s arrival, who has been gone on company business for the haulage company, the drama continues.

Although the mother of three persuaded him he had to go in order to secure a great bargain, he didn’t want to go so soon after her attack.


Nicola is aware that she must let him know how the incident has affected her mental well-being, but she is unsure of her readiness.


The adored villager initially decides not to notify him when they encounter each other at the café and instead returns to her position as a tea and coffee server.When it’s finally time to be honest, Jimmy is stunned by the depth of his wife’s difficulties and he is distraught over the fact that he failed to support her.

He assures his wife that from this point on, she will be his top priority and that he will be available for whatever she needs.

It appears that Nicola appreciates this assistance because she begins to feel stronger as a result of having her husband at her side.


Nicola decides to post the video of her attack on social media because she is aware that she needs to seek justice for what happened to her.


The purpose of doing this is to learn more about her assailants so that she may inform the authorities.


Jimmy is dubious and unsure if this is the best course of action, but he stays to help his other half with her quest.

The video gains a lot of traction as it spreads on social media, and Nicola is confident that this will help her obtain what she wants.

Bernice is horrified to see Nicola revisiting her past after helping her sister through her issues with her mental health.


Not only that, but she also deserves credit for posting the footage online after previously being so adamant about getting the evidence removed.


Soon after, Nicola is handed one of the names of her assailants, and she is relieved that her quest is moving along.


Soon after, she makes a call to the police to inform them on her own inquiry, but this is when everything may go wrong.

The other members of the group might decide to exact revenge on Nicola for reporting them if the female who was identified and arrested.

They would, however, prefer to take something away from her that she cares about rather than harm her physically once more.


This might be Jimmy, as everyone in the town knows that without him, the cherished resident would disintegrate and return to being a mere shell of her former self.


Jimmy would be in bed after spending weeks traveling for work, so they could kill him by lighting the house on fire when he was the only one inside.


They would know they would succeed in their primary objective since no one else would be in the house, leaving only heartache and devastation in their wake.

As Nicola realizes she and her family are no longer safe in the village after her husband was killed, might this be the end for her as well?

This storyline’s future has been discussed by the actress who plays Nicola, and she expressed concern that things weren’t moving in the correct direction.


In an appearance with ITV’s This Morning, Nicola explained: “After regaining her strength, the situation only gets worse.


“I can assure you that something does arise in the future, just when you think this story may have come to an end.


Once we reach our 50th year, certainly, there may be a situation that prevents her from visiting the village any longer.Who knows, then?

In addition to Nicola, other villagers would also be affected by Jimmy’s passing because he had been a longtime commuter.

As Kim Tate (Claire King) may assume full control, it would be up for debate who would ultimately control the haulage company.


When Mandy Dingle’s partner, Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale), passed away last year, Lisa Riley’s character, Mandy Dingle, would also be sad because she and Jimmy almost had a fling.


If the King family as a whole departs in the most terrible of circumstances, can life in the village ever be the same again?


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