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Emmerdale theory: Vinny Dingle to exit as village villain’s devilish plan rumbled

This week on Emmerdale, Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) made a surprise visit to the town, shocking Vinny (Bradley Johnson) and his wife Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele). Since Sandra seemed more interested in booze than her own daughter, it has been more than a year since his wife last saw her mother. It is fair to say that she never imagined she would see Sandra again. However, in upcoming scenes from the ITV soap opera, Sandra might decide to kill Vinny once more in order to ruin her child’s happiness.

Vinny has experienced multiple life-or-death encounters with individuals more dangerous than his mother-in-law since moving to the village in 2019.

Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale), his own father, who used to beat his son to within an inch of his life, is one example of this.


Before her reign of terror ultimately came to an end, Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) also believed she could put the young man’s life in danger.


Despite everything, he is still alive, and he only wants the best for his wife, which suggests that he might want Sandra out of their lives.He wouldn’t know it, but she wants him out of the picture, making him the major reason for her return to the hamlet.

Joanne, the actress who plays Sandra, has talked with and other media outlets about what Sandra’s future holds.

The serial actor hinted at how she would split Vinny and Liv, saying, “She’s monitoring constantly, observing their relationship.


She hasn’t previously seen Liv and Vinny together, so she spends a lot of time acting silly. She is evaluating and planning.


She is observing their interactions, and since everything could disintegrate, she must act quickly to maintain order. I believe she must be shrewd.Although I believe she has accomplished her primary goal, anything could change at any time because they could simply order her to go.

The actress continued, “I suppose that happens throughout [her stay in the town] because Sandra is really persuasive, she’s very intelligent.

This is where Sandra’s strategy may have fallen apart since the single mother could have started pitting the husband and wife against one another.


Sandra might whisper to her daughter about how horrible Vinny is for her and how she doesn’t think they will get along while they are at odds.


Although Liv doesn’t trust her mother, she may realize that what she is saying is true and that there is no way for her to escape it permanently.


The young woman could attempt to explain to her husband why their marriage must end and how they must obtain a divorce.


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