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Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer suffers a nasty accident with baby Thomas

Next week, Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale unintentionally endangers Gabby Thomas’s little boy.

Amelia has recently been trying to modify her appearance by consuming a risky weight gain syrup, but she appears to be experiencing some unsettling side effects. Amelia passed out in front of the other teens during one of the episodes last month, but she dismissed their worries.


Amelia’s problems persist in the episodes airing the following week as she visits Noah Dingle in jail and experiences hazy vision.x

Amelia makes an effort to ignore the red flags and accepts the offer to watch Gabby’s children once more.

Amelia’s nausea and lightheadedness unfortunately worsen. When Amelia collapses and drops Thomas, everything comes to a head.


Just as Harriet Finch arrives at Home Farm for a visit, Amelia returns.


Amelia lies about Thomas falling from his high chair to quickly hide her tracks. As soon as possible, Harriet takes Thomas to the hospital.

Later, Dawn Fletcher’s son Lucas – who witnessed the incident – reveals that Amelia fell while holding Thomas.

Kim Tate immediately rebukes Amelia for lying, while everyone else starts bombarding her with questions about what could have caused the blackout.

Amelia comes clean with her father Dan about the weight gain syrup and how she bought it online. She agrees that it’s for the best for her to get checked out at the hospital.

After his heart-to-heart with Amelia, Dan is overcome with emotion, and Gabby is scared when social services ask to speak with her about Thomas’s fall.

Will Amelia’s mishap have any lasting effects?


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