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Home and Away: Alf reveals he’s leaving Summer Bay and a nasty rift could cause Lyrik to break up

In Summer Bay, one door opens and another one closes. Alf makes the decision to leave Summer Bay this time, not just anyone else!

Alf (Ray Meagher) has been in a foul mood ever since getting home from seeing his wife Martha in Merimbula.

Daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) did some investigating and learned that Martha (Belinda Giblin) had made the decision to stay there permanently and wouldn’t be coming back to Summer Bay. What does this signify, though?

Conceding that he would follow Martha anywhere, a sombre Alf reveals he’s leaving Summer Bay. (Image: Seven)


Alf doesn’t make any progress towards a choice over the course of the week. He snaps when Roo presses for an explanation. In either case, he loses either the lady he loves or the life he cherishes. Alf tells Roo, in a sombre tone, “I’m leaving Summer Bay,” admitting he would follow Martha anywhere.

Say it isn’t so!

A rift is caused between Lyrik

It’s official! Lyrik have traded a life on the road for a life in Summer Bay. But not everyone is ready for the move, causing a huge rift in the band. Will they break up?

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is eager to hear more from the band after a successful relaunch at Salt. She entices them with a weekly gig in this week’s episode of Home and Away. They have more money and stable employment now than they had in some time.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Remi (Adam Rowland) are overjoyed, but lead singer Bob (Rob Mallet) dismisses the notion right away, saying, “Lyrik don’t play in rural places.”


Kirby (Angelina Thomson) doesn’t say anything as the emotions escalate. She is reluctant to speak out against her boyfriend, Bob, even though she wants to stay in Summer Bay. Bob storms out, leaving Felicity in a precarious situation as the band is unable to reach a compromise. In a conversation with Kirby, Felicity makes an offer to sweeten the pot in order to keep them. Kirby acknowledges that she wants to, but can she persuade Bob?

Theo (Matt Evans) is admiring the band while doing so. His love for music was rekindled after seeing them perform at Salt. He silences Chloe (Sam Barrett) when she comments on how much fun he is having while playing the guitar.

Theo watches the band in awe. Seeing them play at Salt reignited his passion for music. (Image: Seven)

His father disregarded his aptitude. Never will he be competent enough to pursue his dream. Kirby makes one more attempt to convince Bob to stay at the Parata home. Instead, he astounds her by suggesting that they leave Eden and Remi behind and start over as a couple. Let’s go, they can produce music wherever!

“Bob isn’t a fan of the small town vibes like Summer Bay,” Angelina tells TV WEEK. “So Kirby is stuck between a rock a hard place.”

Is this the end of Lyrik?



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