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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity is held captive as PK manipulates Mac

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Mackenzie finds herself in an impossible situation, as Flick is held captive in her caravan and unable to help…

7 huge Home and Away spoilers; Secret family, illegal plans and a robbery

It almost looked too good to be true when Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) received an incredible offer last week that would wipe all her business obligations.

The restaurant owner has been holding illegal poker evenings at Salt on the advice of employee Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) in the hopes of generating enough money to rescue the business. After Mac’s insurance carrier refused to pay out for the losses experienced during the organophosphate assault last year, salt is on the verge of collapse.

The temptation to continue proved too great for Mac after the first evening’s triumph, and with Flick and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) by her side the whole time.


When player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) rushed into Salt, brutally battered and crying for help after his enormous loss at their first tournament, she agreed to run another night and offered him a large wad of cash to cover Salt’s rent.

Flick knew Nathan, but she didn’t trust him, so Mac was startled when Nathan not only returned the money, but also paid her a substantial sum of interest.

After all, Nathan seemed trustworthy, so Mac didn’t need much encouragement to admit one of Nathan’s buddies, PK (Ryan Johnson), into their next poker night, especially after he asked her to name her fee.


Hostess Flick declined to remove a name from the guest list in order to admit PK, pointing out that he could be an undercover cop or a criminal.

With Mac refusing to compromise, Flick conducted her own background check on PK, but despite the fact that everything came back clean, she was still apprehensive.

PK cleaned up at the poker table that evening, and later made Mac an offer she couldn’t refuse. An exclusive night with one table, and a $5000 buy-in per player!

Flick hesitantly consented after Mac indicated that it could produce over $50,000 and wipe out Salt’s obligations totally.

As the big night approaches this week, it’s down to Mac and Flick now that Ryder has departed for a job on a cruise ship.

After Flick confronts him and warns him to quit playing games, PK throws a wrench in the works by telling Mac that Flick will not be hosting the evening. It would turn off the upscale customers as the sister of local copper Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

Mac emphasises that she requires Flick’s assistance because she is the only one who is familiar with all of the restrictions. Mac realises she has no choice when PK threatens to take his company elsewhere.


Flick urges Mac to pay attention to the warning signs, but Mac is confident that everything will be alright because she needs to do this for the company.

Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) return to offer their support for Mac, who soon finds himself overwhelmed by the task of running the table.

Meanwhile, Flick thinks she can’t leave Mac alone in this situation. As she prepares to depart, she is astonished to find Nathan standing on her porch, towing a hefty!

Nathan advises that Flick stay in her trailer for the evening, and he barges in, closing the door behind them.

PK’s evening is equally as successful as the previous one, but things take a turn when he tells Mac that the house has lost. She owes the players $100,000 as a result!

s shown in a promo released by Seven last week, PK makes a proposition to Mac to cover the costs himself, if she spends the night with him in his hotel…

“One night with me, and I can make all of your problems go away,” he tells her.

She wants so badly to be out of debt and is thinking that if she gives PK what he wants, all of her stress and problems will disappear,” Emily told TV Week. “Then, [she feels] disgust at PK’s capabilities, fear that he could hurt her, shame because of her love and loyalty to boyfriend Logan.

The promo shows Mac approaching the hotel room as she wrestles with her conscience—will she go through with PK’s sleazy request?

When Flick is finally freed by Nathan the following morning, she races to find out what went down, and is stunned to hear the news.

The house does not play poker; instead, it is player vs. player, with the house taking a part of the pot. As a result, as Flick demonstrates, it’s impossible for the house to owe money—all it’s a con!


The race is on to find Mac but she’s nowhere to be found… did she go through with it, or did she wise up to PK’s real motives?

Home and Away: The ramifications of Mac’s illegal dealings explode when PK shows his true colours


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