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Joe-Warren Plant’s partner: With whom is Jacob, a star of Emmerdale, involved?

Despite the fact that JOE-WARREN PLANT’s character has always struggled with romance, things are considerably different outside of the ITV soap after his debut on Emmerdale over ten years ago.

The character of Jacob Gallagher, who Joe-Warren has played in Emmerdale since 2010 when he was first introduced as Leyla Harding’s son, has been the one for which he is most known (played by Roxy Shahidi). He gained more followers in 2021 as a result of his appearance on ITV’s Dancing on Ice, a role he ultimately had to leave due to coronavirus. The actor has been concentrating on his job but has found time for a new relationship as he returns to work on the show a few months after his stint on the reality dance show.

Who is Joe-Warren Plant, a star of Emmerdale, dating?

Joe-Warren revealed his relationship with Anna Norton to the public back in February by posting a photo of the two together on Instagram.

The duo is both grinning in the photo, which has been made the profile picture for his Instagram account.

There isn’t much information available about the romance, Anna, or her job—aside from the odd photo on social media.

The young lady prefers to avoid the spotlight as much as possible, as evidenced by the private settings on her own Instagram account.
The last image of the two together that Joe-Warren shared from his account was of the couple basking in the sun seven weeks prior.

An unnamed source spoke about the couple’s romance and said: “Joe and Anna are utterly smitten with one another and feel now is a good moment to let the world know they’re an item.

They recently spent a lot of time together at charitable football events, according to sources who spoke to The Sun, and they make each other very happy.

He broke up with his previous girlfriend Nicole Hadlow, with whom he had been seeing for four years, a year prior to beginning this one.

When they posted a number of photos together on Instagram in 2017, the world learned that the couple had initially started dating.

The couple was reportedly living together before Joe-Warren moved back home with his mother following their breakup.

The teenage serial star discussed relationships and his mental state before to making his Dancing on Ice debut last January.

In a statement at the time, the actor hinted to the breakdown of his current relationship: “Dancing on Ice has come at a terrific time for me physically and mentally.

Relationships can be difficult to deal with. Due to my need to concentrate and practice all day every day, it has helped to keep my mind off of it somewhat.

“You still need to think about recovery even when you’re at home and not training. Although it has helped to distract me, things are still difficult.

I’m only concerned with starting the show and then getting into the flow of things.

While it appears like his love life is moving in a non-soap direction, Joe-character Warren’s is currently concentrating on his studies.

This occurs a year after the death of Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger), his lover with whom he had planned to travel.

Prior to this, the young man thought he was dating Maya Stepney, a teacher at the school (Louisa Clein), but he was unaware that he was being groomed.

Leanna, on the other hand, was the person who assisted him in getting over his trauma, but he was battling once again when she was cruelly taken from him.

Joe-Warren discussed the effect the character’s passing had on Jacob and whether he ever thought he might have a relationship with someone else.

Following Leanna’s passing, the actor said: “It has been and will continue to be tremendously tough for Jacob.

“Given his age and how deeply he cared for her, I can imagine it being a heck of a battle for him to come to grips with it. He has never really experienced the death of someone this close to him.”

When asked if Jacob held himself accountable for Leanna’s murder, Joe-Warren added: “Jacob absolutely holds himself accountable, especially following Liam’s charges against him.

“Jacob witnessed the impact it had on her after he told her he had changed his mind about taking a trip, and he thinks that’s what motivated her to drink too much.

She fell off the bridge as a result of you. He continuously places blame on himself and feels guilty and frustrated as a result.

When asked if he thought his character ever fell in love with Leanna, Joe-Warren responded, “I genuinely do think he felt something for Leanna as he came back with a ring ready to propose. Even though Jacob ended up jetting off to Portugal for a time.

“He is still quite young, so I doubt that was the correct thing to do.

But she’s gone now. Jacob will have a great deal of regret and remorse for his behavior with Leanna. He believes he ought to have loved her more and never abandoned her.

“I don’t believe Jacob will ever fully recover from the trauma. He does, however, always have individuals who are ready to save him from that dire situation.


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