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Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer dress in smart black attire as they arrive to film EastEnders scenes at hotel as she continues to suffer memory loss following horrific car crash

Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright were spotted arriving at a hotel in formal clothes before this week’s EastEnders filming.

After pulling into the parking lot and getting out of their cars, the actors Danny, 44, who plays Linda Carter’s husband Mick, and Kellie, 46, who plays Linda Carter, laughed together and chatted.

It happens at the same time that Linda was spotted last month emerging from a coma following a collision with her romantic rival Janine Butcher.

Although the soap villain threw a bottle of wine on the seat to make it appear as though Linda had been driving while intoxicated due to her drinking problems, Janine was actually the one who crashed the car into the tree.
After the collision, another car stopped to check on the duo, but Janine fled the scene after fram
ing Linda.
She would probably wake up with neurological damage, the Carter family was informed.

After emerging from her coma, Linda was deemed “stable,” but the Carters were warned that she might always have memory loss.

“Linda is steady.” However, the brain injury is more severe than we initially believed. Before she wakes up, it will be impossible to predict her mental condition. She might not recall the collision or the minutes, hours, days, or even months that preceded it, the medic warned.


I don’t want to scare you, but you need to be ready because she might not be the same Linda you know. I apologize, but there is nothing I can share with you at this time; however, I will keep you updated. It could be wiser for you to wait for news at home.

Linda’s family was devastated because they thought Linda had driven after drinking while in fact Janine had been in control of the vehicle.

It is uncertain whether Linda will remember enough about what happened to realize Janine was the one who caused the disaster.


Mick recently had Janine in a rage when he stood by his estranged wife Linda in meetings with the social worker as she fought to regain custody of their daughter Annie after the accident.

Danny concurred with some skepticism as Linda attempted to persuade Mick that she was healthy enough to resume working behind the bar at the Queen Vic.

Janine was enraged by the circumstance and kept focusing on the owner of the bar.


After nine years on the soap opera, Danny would be quitting his role as Mick, it was announced in January.

In the meantime, Shane Richie will return to EastEnders to play Alfie Moon.

Shane can’t wait to return to the serial, where his 58-year-old actor alter ego originally appeared in 2002 and last appeared in Walford in 2019.


It’s an extraordinary honor and joy to be asked back to Albert Square, my TV home, he remarked.

I’m eager to reconnect with some former cast members and make new friends.

Who am I to object when the new executive producer, Chris Clenshaw, wants to bring Alfie Moon back with some excellent storylines? I am impatient.


Chris continued, ‘Welcoming Shane Richie back to Walford is an incredible delight. He created one of the most recognizable, endearing, and memorable characters in soap opera.

There have been many events since Alfie left the Square, but wherever his floral shirts go, you can count on laughter, games, and the occasional porky-pie. We are overjoyed to welcome him home.

Alfie’s on-again, off-again relationship with Jessie Wallace’s Kat Slater is one of EastEnders’ most illustrious couples, so Shane’s return is expected to be good news for co-star Jessie Wallace.


According to a source who spoke to The Sun, Jessie’s portrayal of Kat is now assured since the two of them provide one of EastEnders’ most enthralling love tales.


Having them on the cast is seen to be a killer combo that could entice more ardent viewers to tune in once more.


For producers who are relying heavily on fresh cast members, losing Jessie would have been disastrous.They will serve as the focal point of brand-new narratives.


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