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‘You get caught out’: Jessie Wallace’s EastEnders co-star Scott Maslen blames her arrest on the ‘tiring nature’ of her job… after she avoided charges for ‘drunkenly attacking police’

Following her latest run-in with the law, Jessie Wallace’s EastEnders co-star Scott Maslen jumped to the defense of his friend, saying that occasionally “you get caught out.”

When the actress was photographed getting arrested last month after allegedly ordering a police officer to “f*** off you big c***” amid five minutes of devastation” in Bury St Edmunds, the actor, who portrays Jack Branning in the soap opera, stood by her.He said that Jessie, 50, had “learned” from the incident and attributed it to the “tiring nature” of her profession.

Jessie made news just last month when video emerged of her being detained outside of a Burger King after allegedly being ‘kicked out’ of the Flex nightclub for being ‘gobby’ and calling bystanders ‘c***s’ in a foul-mouthed tirade.

The celebrity was detained on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and being intoxicated and unruly, but Suffolk Police released him without filing any charges after issuing a conditional caution.

However, Scott admitted in a Sunday interview with The Sun that “it’s hard in this profession.” You occasionally get caught off guard; that’s life.

He continued, “I love Jessie,” and said, “There is nothing wrong with her,” adding that being in the spotlight makes it tougher to have fun.

She is a character, she works quite hard, and her days are long, so when she occasionally goes out, perhaps she is exhausted. The fact that we are in the public eye means that any mistakes we make must be handled carefully, according to Scott.


She’s in a good place, we move on, she’s learned, and we do so, it is said, concluding.


After her arrest, rumors surfaced that Jessie’s future on the BBC serial opera EastEnders, where she portrays Kat Slater, was in doubt as producers ‘examined all alternatives.

Despite the legal struggle, it appears that she will continue to appear on the show because Shane Richie, who plays her on-screen ex-husband Alfie Moon, is returning to the show.

When it was revealed that Alfie had secretly fathered a boy with her cousin Hayley in 2018, their feisty on-screen marriage abruptly came to an end, leading to their divorce.


Jessie’s involvement in stressful stories following her return has undoubtedly led to BBC executives taking the arrest lightly, even though she is rumored to have expressed “great sorrow” for the event.

According to a source who acknowledged that the loss of Jessie would be “a disaster” for the soap, “Shane’s return also secures the future of Jessie as Kat, because together they deliver one of EastEnders most captivating love stories,” in addition to stating that Jessie’s departure would be “a disaster.”

Having them on the cast is seen to be a killer combo that could entice more ardent viewers to tune in once more.


Losing Jessie would have been disastrous for the producers, who had high hopes for the new narratives they’ll be at the center of.

Exes: On-screen, the couple’s passionate union abruptly came to an end in 2018 when it was revealed that Alfie had fathered a child in secret with her cousin Hayley. This led to their divorce.


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